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Row of VFDs along a wall

8 Hour CEU class for Trainee (Basic Classroom) or Journey Level (Industry Related). Cost: $130.00. Classroom opens 8:00 am and starts at 8:30am. Current Code book is the 2023 edition.


Join us on Monday July 29 for an introductory electrical training class on PLCs, Drives, and Sensors in Spokane. This concise overview will cover both NEC regulations and practical applications of wiring, types, and theory behind each type of device. Not only will you gain a better understanding of these essential components, but you'll also learn a few programming techniques to be able to peek under the hood. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your electrical skills

Monday July 29 - AP6: PLCs, Drives, and Sensors

SKU: 0729AP6
  • Articles 725 and Part X of Art 430

    • Limited Energy systems as appl;ied to plc and drive control
    • Ladder logic Wiring vs PLC programming
    • Sample PLC Programs written and executed
    • Different sensor types explained and demonstrated
    • Controls side of Freq Drives Demonstrated
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