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Class Books and Test Prep Help

For all classes the top three recommendations are

  • 2020 Code Book with Tabs.
    Likely Adoption of the 2023 NEC will be January 2024 and test revisions Summer of 2025)

  • Ugly's Electrical References and

  • Tom Henry's Keyword Index.

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2020 National Electric Code

The 2020 NEC is adopted in WA State for installation and for testing. It is the main resource for all classes.

Ugly’s Electrical References, 2020 Edition:
NEC code and table change info, mathematical formulas, NEMA wiring configurations, conduit bending guide, ampacity and conduit fill information, transformer and control circuit wiring diagrams, and conversion tables.

Tom Henry's Keyword Index

This book is a vital study aid for electrical exams and is specifically designed to increase your speed in finding references in the NEC. 


WA State has two documents that implement and adopt the NEC along with changes. They are free to download and print out by clicking here.

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