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2023 is here: So what's new?

  1. We are back in the Tri-Cities : Check the schedule, but for most months we will be there for two days providing training in the easily accessible Clover Island Inn. Sign up now for the January 23rd and 24th Class.

  2. Last April we moved into a new class room and hurriedly put it together to get back on our physical feet after teaching online for 2 years. Over the winter break we were able to finish up a bunch of behind the scenes stuff to make classes more interactive and also give us the opportunity to provide value added resources. Look for a weekly video on our YouTube Channel and our podcast outlet. In fact, they are out now.

  3. Once a month Frank will host a code Q&A and so we will start collecting practical code questions that can be answered during those sessions. The plan is to host them live in the near future for both video and podcast stream. Look for the Ask A Question feature on the website shortly and in the classroom (It will be on the quiz sheet).

And lastly, thank you for your continued support. We have known some of you since the start of our program and we look forward to our 11th year of providing a reliable resource for your code and safety training.

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