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Our Classroom

Clover Island Inn

435 Clover Island Drive

Kennewick WA 99336

(Top Floor in the Quarterdeck Meeting Room)



Classroom opens at 8:00 and class begins at 8:30. Please do not enter prior to 8 am to avoid congesting the hotel lobby.


Please secure your valuables in your vehicle or bring them inside. INW Industrial Training is not liable for any losses or damage incurred in the parking lot.

Clover Island Inn and Cable Bridge in Kennewick

  Health Notice  

By attending, you attest that you are not currently displaying cold or flu like symptoms, and if you have been exposed to Covid-19 in the last two weeks that you have tested negative or been asymptomatic for an additional five days after your quarantine period. Should you be in a position where you cannot attend class, we will help you reschedule.


Covid-19 protocols: Masks are not required but encouraged for any with compromised immune systems, as is frequent hand washing and sanitizing. Materials to do so are available in the classroom. The classroom is fully sanitized prior to each class.

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